About me

Hi, my name is Chavdar 'Joz' Popov,. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe. I work as a prepress specialist at big print shop. 10, 12 if not even 14 hours a day always under time pressure trying to cut a second in 100 and all that moments are coming and flying away, you can never got them back, you missed them forever. Most of us are like ants, little machines always busy, always in a hurry, working, working, working... And missing out on all of the world around us, forgetting the word Nature. Yes, I love nature. Only when I'm out, do I feel real and alive, existing. When I got back to the city it feels like I fall in a dream, as I switch myself off from the real life and fall into the Matrix.

Perhaps because of all this in 2007 I decided to open the door to the universe of photography. Universe? Yes it is a unique and infinite space. Whenever, wherever I grab the camera I teleport myself in that different world, feeling alive again. All the problems, thoughts and worries are washed away. Everything but camera and surrounding details disappears. Details, colors, shapes you couldn't see while you are in the Matrix. Now its all about the equipment, skills and imagination you have. Simply compose, make the adjustments needed and shoot to freeze and memorize this moment forever. We often use 'it will never be the same' and thats for sure. There is a saying, something like 'One can't pass the same river twice'. The water level wont be the same, wind will blow in different direction, that small bush will grow, than pebble wont be there, the little cloud up there wont be the same shape...

Well time is ticking away, now I'm not that absolute beginner I was in 2007. I learned a lot and continue doing it from the dozens and dozens of articles, books or by my own experience. I've got a heap of equipment, now and it's much easier to get a nice shot. But there is always a but. Learning is an endless process. Every time I look at my previous works I've said to myself 'you could take it better', if you used a flash or gradient filter or faster shutter or a little bit of a different angle of view... And maybe the biggest problem? Can you guess what it is? The Matrix again! If your mind is not clear and free, if you are not one with your subject, if you can't connect to the subject and feel it the photo you have taken is battery and shutter waste, crap! Just one of the billions crappy images. And its seen from Space, seen by everyone, seen by you. Its hard to escape from the Matrix... Good luck dear friend!!!

Contact me:
name: Chavadr Popov (Joz)
tel.: +359 887 181774

e-mail: chavdar2k@gmail.com
skype: joz2kk